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BSNL 3G data card price in india:

• Bsnl offers for you 3g data cards of USB and PCMCIA type.
• Cost BSNL 3G data card depends on various models of bsnl data cards that are available.
• Data cards can be bought owing to data speed required by you for internet access.
• Bsnl even offers data cards of varying frequencies such as single band and tri band.  Cost BSNL 3G data card also varies accordingly.

BSNL 3G data card price list: details of BSNL 3G data card price list is listed below owing to categories of data speed and frequency band.
• data speed-3.6 mbps, frequency band-single band, price-1600
• data speed-7.2 mbps, frequency band-tri band, price-2000
• data speed- 3.6 mbps, frequency band-single band, price-4000
• data speed- 7.2 mbps, frequency band-tri band, price-4500

3G Data Card Plans: there are various kinds of post paid, pre paid and combo plans offered for you. BSNL 3G data card price in india will differ according to various models.